YX656 Wheel Loader
July 1, 2020
YX635 Wheel Loader
July 1, 2020

YX655 Wheel Loader

YX655 product is a middle wheel base and all-condition wheel loader, featuring strong power, high efficiency, security and reliability. And this product also has the characteristics of working stability, fuel conservation and environment protection. It can be used in the working conditions like coal, construction site and quarry, etc.
1.All-around visibility. High-strength integral framework is used for cab, which ensures high security. Good seal & shock absorption effect , quality seat and optional A/C provide the users with comfortable operating environment.
2.The optimal matching of energy-saving engine, efficient torque converter and hydraulic system contributes to excellent energy efficiency.
3.New type reinforced drive axles are adopted for large bearing capacity and high reliability. Reasonable distribution on front and rear axles ensures overall stability.
4.Reinforced box type articulated structure increases steering angle and reliability, contributing to flexibility.
5.Working devices are optimized. High-strength wear-resisting cutting edge is used on bucket, increasing the wear resistance.
6.Low pressure and wide bias tyres are adopted for exceptional off-road ability and passage capacity, adapting to various road conditions.

Bucket capacity(m³)

2.8-4.5 (standard bucket 3.0)

Overall dimension(L*W*H) (mm)


Rated load (kg)


Max. traction force (kN)


Wheel base (mm)


Dump distance (mm)

 1210 (dump angle 45°)

Min. turning radius (outer side of the bucket) (mm)


Steering angle(°)


Operating weight (kg)


Max. breakout force (kN)


Wheel tread (mm)


Dump height (mm)

3220(dump angle 45°)

Total cycle time (lift, dump & lower) (s)




Departure angle(°)



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