YX620 Wheel Loader
July 1, 2020
YX636 Wheel Loader
July 1, 2020

YX638 Wheel Loader

YX638 is a long wheelbase product, mainly used in construction site, road construction, mine, station and query for various working conditions, such as ore, sandstone, coal and earthwork. Various working devices could be equipped as optional for meeting demand as the users’ requirements.
1.Equipped with Cummins engine with strong power and high reliability.
2.Electro-hydraulic control fixed shaft transmission with 4F/3R gears, featuring high transmission efficiency and easy operation.
3.Torque converter is optimally matched and traction force is increased to a large extent. Fuel consumption is reduced by as much as 5%.
4.Front and rear frame are optimally designed and the load distribution is reasonable. Steering soft limit is equipped to reduce the shock.
5.Imported waterproof & dustproof plug connectors and centralized fuse box are used in the electrical system, which ensures reliable performance.
6.Digital stepping type exquisite instrumental panel is equipped, which ensures real-time monitoring on the data and condition of the loader. Electrical system is centralize-controlled, which is convenient for testing and maintenance.
7.Three stage shock absorption system and new shock absorption seat are adopted for better performance in shock absorption, which upgrades the comfort of operation.
8.Full decorated cab with all-around clear visibility, low noise and A/C provides a comfortable driving space.

Bucket capacity(m³)

1.2-3.0 (standard bucket 1.8)

Overall dimension(L*W*H) (mm)


Rated load (kg)


Max. traction force (kN)


Wheel base (mm)


Dump distance (mm)

 1040 (dump angle 45°)

Min. turning radius (outer side of the bucket) (mm)


Steering angle(°)


Operating weight (kg)


Max. breakout force (kN)


Wheel tread (mm)


Dump height (mm)

2960(dump angle 45°)

Total cycle time (lift, dump & lower) (s)




Departure angle(°)



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