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July 1, 2020
YX638 Wheel Loader
July 1, 2020

YX620 Wheel Loader

YX620 is a loader of which the rated load is 1.8 ton. Short body with flexibility enables it to be adaptable for narrow working site. It is mainly used in municipal engineering, construction site, station, wharf and small size tunnel, etc
1.Load sensing hydraulic steering system contributes to easy operation and reliable performance.
2.Articulated frame is adopted for big steering angle and small turning radius, enabling it to be adaptable for narrow work site.
3.Mechanical connecting rod type hydraulic control (pilot control as optional) is easy to be operated, effectively reducing driver’s    fatigue.
4.High performance engine is adopted. Torque converter of single stage and three elements gives full play to engine power.
5.Fixed shaft power shift gearbox increases torque, contributing to large traction force.
6.High-strength integral framework is used for cab, which ensures high security.
7.Optimize the layout of inner cab, providing ample operation space which is more ergonomic.
8.Good seal and shock absorption effect improve the driver’s comfort.
New type reinforced drive axles are adopted for large bearing capacity, high reliability and long service life.
9.Long wheel base ensures stability.
10.Optimized working devices increase breakout force of lift arm and load ratio of bucket, improving work efficiency.
11.Optimized hydraulic system shortens total cycle time, increasing the loading and unloading efficiency.
12.Reasonable match of power transmission system improves engine’s fuel economy and system’s efficiency.
13.Faster speed increases the average work speed by 5% to 15% in comparison with the similar products in the industry

Bucket capacity(m³)


Overall dimension(L*W*H)(mm)


Rated load (kg)


Max. traction force (kN)


Wheel tread (mm)


Dump distance (mm)

 946 (dump angle 44°)

Min. turning radius (outer side of the bucket) (mm)


Steering angle(°)


Operating weight (kg)


Max. breakout force (kN)


Wheel base (mm)


Dump height (mm)

2518(dump angle 44°)

Total cycle time (lift, dump & lower) (s)




Departure angle(°)



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