December 23, 2016
Wheel Bulldozer
December 23, 2016

Wheel Loaders

It is equipped with following devices, Yuchai GB Ⅱ engine and single-stage single-phase torque converter.
The cab is optional to be equipped or dismantled to facilitate its use in low space condition.

1. The complete machine has a rational arrangement, compact structure, and beautiful and decent appearance.

2. The optimally designed operating device facilitates the hoisting capacity, dig up force, unloading height, unloading distance, and sum of lifting, dumping and falling timeetc of the complete machine reach or exceed the GB index on excellent product and facilitates a high working efficiency.

3. The hydraulic system of the operating device adopts a flexible shaft manipulation that with control valve front equipped (pilot control is optional) to reduce pressure loss, and facilitate a convenient and reliable operation and easy repair.

4. The steering system adopts an all-hydraulic hinged steering system with coaxial flow enlarged to make sure a convenient and agile steering. The confluence and diffluence with the hydraulic system of the operating device is helpful to reduce energy loss.

5. The machine adopts well performed Weichai WD10G220E21 diesel engine to highly improve the reliability and economy of dynamical system.

6. The machine adopts a broad vision and completely closed cab which is equipped with stereo equipment, heater system, as well as single cooling air conditioner and top grade shock absorbing seat etc. to facilitate a comfortable and safe operation environment.

7. The equidistant spacing hinged frame makes sure a uniform locus of front and rear wheels to reduce the steering resistance and tire abrasion. The rear frame adopts a single plate T type beam structure which has a large internal space to facilitate repair.


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