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December 23, 2016
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December 23, 2016

Wheel Bulldozer

The transmission parts adopt our company’s bulldozer torque converter, transmission, axle that of military industry technology.
The hydraulic pipeline adopts German DIN standard “Tapered – O” double sealing which has a good sealing performance and strong anti-leakage performance.

Breakthrough design of conventional caterpillar bulldozer. The drive sprocket is separate from the travel frame, which is arranged axially in line with final drive, steering and braking clutch and central transmission, and, the caterpillar is designed with triangular arrangement to eliminate the impact load of ground directly transmitted to the drive sprocket, so that the service life of the transmission system is increased by 30%.

The travel system is provided with elastic suspension so that the idler overrides the obstruction. The continuous sub-suspension may be handled against the ground through its floating action. The bumper absorbs the ground impact load to reduce the impact load to chassis by 50% approximately, to improve traveling smoothness and operator’s comfort, to increase the contact area between caterpillar and ground (by 15% approximately) and to improve traction performance of the complete vehicle. The pivoting articulation between the travel frame and vehicle frame replaces conventional splayed beam structure and improves the connecting rigid of travel frame and vehicle frame. The gravity center of the complete vehicle may be easily adjusted to accommodate the operating requirements of equipment to the gravity center of the complete vehicle.


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