Tracked Down-hole Drilling Rig
December 23, 2016
J5M Truck/Tractor Series
January 21, 2017

Rotary Drilling Rig

Boom changing device can be equipped with 6 drill rod with the length of 5m to relieve labour intensity.
YTQ165 surface DTH drill rig is equipped with world-class imported high-pressure, large airflow compressor with the pressure of 2.07mpa and airflow of 23m3/min.

1. Parallelogram structure of dual boom is used to realize flexible movement and high construction efficiency, while enhancing torsional capacity of luffing mechanism, so that the drilling rig can become more suitable for hard rock construction in the southwest region.

2. Power head is equipped with two sets of motors and two-speed reducer so that it is powerful, safe and reliable with high transmission efficiency, function of high-speed soil casting, great soil dumping effect and high construction efficiency;

3. Impact winch is fitted with freefall releasing reducer. When confronting with hard rock drilled difficultly, the impact winch can lift up the percussion hammer to break rock and then collect broken bits with the drilling bucket, increasing rock breaking efficiency; in case of construction involved with pebble bed, the impact winch can be used for percussion and squeezing to form protection wall; in case of construction involved with backfill soil, the  impact winch can be used for percussion and compaction to form solid protection wall and avoid landslides;

4. Telescopic chassis is used to meet various transportation conditions and widen the whole machine at work to 4.3m and enhance machine stability and construction safety;

5. Casing tube is optional, which may help to carry out the full casing tube construction method;

6. The main winch positioned in the rear is fitted with stretched large diameter drum to realize the single layer steel rope winding, greatly increasing service life of steel rope;

7. The whole machine uses centralized lubrication and can be maintained easily. Detachability and serviceability of the drilling rig is increased;

8. Forehead oil cylinder is added to realize automatic folding mast of the pulley yoke, reduce labor intensity and increase work efficiency.

9. Supporting oil cylinder is additionally fitted to realize supporting when the impact winch is at work so that vibration of the whole machine can be reduced and the whole machine is more stable.


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