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December 23, 2016
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December 23, 2016

Bridge Inspection

Horizontal operating range beneath the bridge (mm):11500~21000
Max. dimensions of working platform at moving down along the bridge (mm):8300


1. The superstructure working device is provided with a truss structure, with the working platform horizontal working range of up to 21m.

2. The China FAW chassis is applied, with good stability and bearing capacity, environment-friendly.

3. Major controllers of the hydraulic system are all imported products, and the truss structure is made of imported high-strength steel tubes.

4. The vehicle can cross over a footpath of up to 2.5m wide, and a barrier of up to 2m high.

5. The self-propelling mechanism is provided to improve the working efficiency; with two outriggers, the vehicle can move under the hydraulic power.

6. The platform can be lowered up to 8.3m beneath the bridge to facilitate the operation.


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