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With our core interest and business in high end property development, Paytell strives to be the front driver for best-in-class, quality and safe investments.

We make it a point to deliver to you excellent works and equipment that will help grow your business. In view of that, we provide the following equipments in the zenith of durability, lifespan and high performance: Earth Moving Machines; Special Vehicles; Piling Machines; Compacting Machines; Trucks; Hoisting Equipments among other high end equipments.


Compared to the conventional brands, our products and services are customer focused and have high cost performance, thereby saving you unnecessary expenses.

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Paytell operations are designed to meet your every requirement. We offer our clients unique after sales service; a year’s warranty, instant registration on equipment with insurance, first class customer care and a quick response time.
Even so, If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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